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Capacity building of women TV journalists to produce news packages and news bulletins

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$29 700.00

These include several regional, national and local channels with a constantly growing viewership. The print and electronic media in Pakistan has experienced a remarkable transformation in the last decade and now Pakistan enjoys a vibrant media scene with unprecedented diversity of opinion available in various ethnic languages. The electronic media can play an important role by highlighting local and national issues and performing a critical watchdog role. However, much of the new electronic media in Pakistan is relatively unsophisticated and most content revolves around entertainment. There is a dearth of investigative journalism and issue-based programming. Gender bias and insensitivity to women issues is pervasive within the Pakistani media establishment.
This project will ascertain the participation of both national and regional female television journalists from the country and initially train 90 females during 6 workshops on quality enhancement and the technical skills necessary to pursue TV journalism. Each workshop will last for 4 days and will train 15 female journalists from 30 national and regional news TV channels. The trainers will be media experts from their respective fields who will pass on journalistic theory as well as practical television expertise to the trainees for producing news packages as well as producing a news bulletin for television. The trainees will produce news packages and news bulletins at the end of every workshop to put their acquired skills to practical use. The news productions taken up by them will later act as the advocacy platform for the 50% voiceless marginalized female population of Pakistan. Through this training, these female journalists will create a network that will advocate plurality and gender equality in the media industry. They will also be able to secure respectable designations that include decision-making processes in media organizations and will later facilitate enlistees adapting journalism as a career who will in turn enhance the opportunity of freedom of speech and expression with particular reference to women.

Project details
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Women Media Center Pakistan (WMC)
Beneficiary description: 

The Women Media Center Pakistan (WMC) is a registered non-profit organization which works for gender equality in media through capacity building of female journalists and media students since 2005. The WMC organizes projects that promote female journalists, encourage major media organizations to provide an enabling
environment for female journalists, and strengthen democracy and human rights, including women’s rights. To date, it has engaged more than 1200 female working journalists and media students in various workshops and conferences.

Beneficiary address: 
H/No. 407, Ground floor, Block 3, Sirajuddulah Road, Bahadurabad, Karachi

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Beneficiary phone: 
(+92) 213-486-0067/76
Location and contacts

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Fauzia Shaheen, WMC Secretary-General (

Project place: 
Rural and urban locations in Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and State Capital of Pakistan

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