Capacity Building for Self Regulation by Newspaper Editors and Radio Programme Producers

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US$17 820.00

Uganda is host to a number of institutions delivering journalism education, including the UNESCO-rated potential centre of excellence at Makerere University's Department of Journalism and Communication. However, whilst many practicing print journalists have attended professional training schools, the majority of radio journalists remain untrained. Furthermore, in spite of the available training opportunities, many journalists and editors continue to practice journalism which is insensitive to acceptable ethical norms and standards. This has led to recurrent breaches of core ethical values which undermine the credibility of media messages, resulting in the state intervening with drastic clampdown measures. This project aims to stimulate debate among newspaper editors and radio producers from across Uganda, in an effort to sensitize these key media gatekeepers in the principles of self-regulation as a means of improving the quality and standard of journalism. In order to do so, the Independent Media Council will work in partnership with Makerere University's Department of Journalism and Communication to develop a training module (and training materials) in media self regulation, as well as providing training to staff members of the University who will ensure continued future delivery of the content. A series of three-day seminars will also be held in three separate regions to equip radio producers and newspaper editors with the necessary skills on media self regulation. The project will contribute to promoting responsible and ethical journalism by building the capacities of media professionals to identify ethical dilemmas and resolve them through self regulation. OBJECTIVE To develop a training module in media self regulation and provide training to 30 newspaper editors and 20 radio producers in order to equip them with skills on media self regulation, as well as delivering separate training to four university staff members who will proceed to implement the content within journalism education institutions.

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Independent Media Council of Uganda
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The Independent Media Council of Uganda was established by 42 media associations and houses in February 2006. It is registered both as an NGO and as a company with the Registrar of Companies, with the aim of receiving and adjudicating complaints from public against the media in accordance with the Journalism Code of Ethics.

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Plot 29/33 Kampala Rd. Amber House, Block B, Rm B309 PO Box 8123 Kampala Uganda

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+256 312111376
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Hezekiel Dlamini,;

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Haruna Kanaabi, Executive Secretary of IMCU,;

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IMCU premises; Makerere University; Regional press club premises

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