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Capacity Building of Media Professionals in Electoral Coverage in Post-Conflict Nepal

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While media-availability differs across this Himalayan country, considering its challenging topography, Nepal has a variegated media sector characterized by a recent but dynamic community radio movement in the provinces, while print press and television is mostly present in the Kathmandu Valley. Restrictions on press freedom introduced during King Gyanendra's direct-rule have been lifted. The state-owned broadcaster is the one with the largest coverage and it has embarked in reforms towards its transformation into a PSB. In Nepal, like in any other transition country, independent and professional media will contribute to make the upcoming election free and fair. But most media professionals, particularly in the districts and remote and rural areas, lack understating of the electoral process, fundamental rights and duties of citizens. It is therefore a great need to urgently enhance the skills of media practitioners in Nepal in view of the upcoming elections. This project aims to build capacity of the media practitioners in understanding and learning the techniques to cover political parties and candidates, the major issues around the election as well as the electoral process. The project activities will develop skills and enable the media practitioners and media houses to contribute to the transitional democratic process by providing fair, accurate, and balanced election coverage.

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Nepal Press Institute (NPI) in liaison with the Press Council
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