Capacity Building of Indigenous People on Radio Journalism and Programme Production

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US$35 200.00

Though there are a large number of newspapers, weeklies, television channels and radio stations, access to media is still a privilege enjoyed by upper and middle class people. The indigenous communities in the country's northern part and those living in Chittagong hill tracts are the most marginalized and disadvantageous groups of people. They are hardly represented in the mainstream media. Consequently their issues and concerns remain largely unexpressed. Under this project, skills and capacity of the unprivileged indigenous communities on radio journalism and production will be increased through training programme, so that they can produce radio programs on indigenous issues and broadcast those programs through Government radio station. Moreover, through these radio programs a large number of people of northern region of Bangladesh will be aware about the problems, deprivation, rights as well as the traditional knowledge, art, culture and heritage. As a result of this project, a group of potential indigenous men and women will obtain capacity and skills in radio journalism, production and broadcasting, which will help them in establishing and operating their own community radios in future.

Project details
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354 BGD 5082

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Centre for Communication and Development (CCD Bangladesh)
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Holding No. 418/A, Ward No. 25 MONAFER MORH, RAJSHAHI-6204

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+880 721 751001

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Mr. Shamim Ahsan Khan,;

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G.M. Mourtoza, Director Centre for Communication and Development,,;

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Rajshahi City (Headquarters of Northern Region of Bangladesh)

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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

To achieve the aforementioned project's objectives, the following activities have been successfully implemented: 25 indigenous people took part in three training on Basic Radio Journalism related issues. According to the approved project the duration of this training course should have been 7 days. However, to respond to the participants' need the training was extended to 10 days. After the completion of the training program, 25 trainees were provided with three-month fellowship in the Rajshahi Radio Station (RRS). As a part of the fellowship program the trainees have already produced 12 Indigenous issues based radio programs. According to the approved project proposal, 25 weekly radio programs will be broadcast through RRS. By this time, 11 weekly programs have been successfully broadcasted through RRS every week and have also been podcasted through Radio Invo, the first indigenous based online radio of Bangladesh (

Achieved outputs: 
By implementing the project, 25 indigenous people have acquired skills and capacity needed to be involved in journalism activities trough 3 basic radio journalism workshops; they have also participated in a Fellowship program in Rajshahi Radio Station (RRS) that has paved the way to greater involvement of Indigenous people in the community media; within the framework of these training, 11 indigenous programs have been broadcasted through RSS and therefore initial conditions have been created to allow Indigenous people's voice to be heard through media campaign and advocacy. As a result, the project gained publicity among the Bangladeshi audience, including Indigenous communities.