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Building the technical and institutional capacity of the community radio society of Tafea

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$12 100.00

CRST FM104 is the only radio station licensed to broadcast from Tafea Province (which includes the 5 most southern islands of Vanuatu) to the people of Tafea Province. It is the only licensed community radio station in the country. The national broadcaster, the VBTC (Radio Vanuatu and Television Blong Vanuatu), commercial FM radio stations, other national media outlets including newspapers are generally not able to be seen or heard in Tafea Province which results in its people being unable to receive updates on events taking place across the Province, as well as nationally and globally. Consequently, this project proposes to address the problems currently hindering the development of community media in Tafea Province. It aims to ensure that CRST FM104 is a sustainable community radio station, serving the community of Tafea Province.

This will be achieved by broadening CRST FM’s coverage across Tafea Province, and thus, ensuring a maximum number of people across various communities will be able to access information that is relevant to them, such as health and education awareness. This in turn will facilitate development amongst the community, as well as reduce or mitigate communities’ vulnerability in the event of such natural disasters – of which there are many (i.e. cyclones, tsunami threats and an active volcano). The project aims to achieve this by taking a two-fold approach: 1) The current radio transmitter was damaged in a cyclone 2 years ago, and consequently reduced its coverage to the western part of Tanna and the southern part of Erromango island (approximately 8,000 of the province’s estimated 32,500). 2) The currently quality and quantity of locally produced information also needs to be increased, and it is intended this will be achieved by recruiting and training more local volunteers.

Project details
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Community Radio Society of Tafea
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CRST FM104 was established in 2004 with the aim of providing “the right information to the population of Tafea Province without prejudice, discrimination or patronage”. It is a registered not-for-profit society. The idea for the station came about due to community-generated pressure to provide some kind of communication system that was suitable for a primarily oral culture. With over 120 local languages, plus the 3 official languages of English, French and Bislama, there needed to be a way to provide information about culture, news, health, and other issues that would initiate feedback from the population.

Beneficiary address: 
Community Radio Society of Tafea c/o Tafea Provincial Government, PO Box 28, Isangel, Tanna Vanuatu

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Tel: +678 7774605

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Location and contacts
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Susan Vize (

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Project contacts: 

David Kiel Jnr (CRST FM104 Station Manager) Email:

Project place: 
Tafea Province

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