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Building mobile, multimedia capacity for rural youth

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In 2003, the Container Project, which involved a 40 ft container being retrofitted into a 14-computer laboratory, enabled training in various new ICT skills for a number of marginalized youth, in collaboration with overseas and local partners. The training provided covered, among others, digital music production, digital photography and videography. This project aims to build capacity within the Container Project to assist a rural community in creating a range of multimedia products which will have a material impact on the lives of its people, in particular of its marginalized youth. These products will be disseminating in traditional public education sessions, as well as on radio and cable television. The immediate objectives of the project are twofold: (i) to train the core group of managers/trainers in fields such as multimedia centre management and leadership skills, videography, digital art and music production for use on local radio and cable channels and community/public education, and maintenance of multimedia equipment; and (ii) to build capacity within the Container Project to develop local-content training materials for multimedia skills. In fulfilling the above-mentioned objectives, the project will build confidence amongst the marginalized communities concerned and open up new avenues for freedom of expression.

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