Building Institutional Capacity for Media on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information

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US$16 500.00

Research conducted by the University of Chile has revealed that the country has both direct and indirect restrictions on freedom of expression, and that it lacks a national monitoring system to evaluate these issues. This project will address this problem by providing training to 130 Chilean media professionals (including journalists, academics and students) on the monitoring and follow-up of issues relating to freedom of expression and the application of laws on access to information. This capacity building effort will help to create a network for cooperation among stakeholders which will be implemented through a project-specific website. The trainees of the project will acquire skills in monitoring and tracking methodologies in matters relating to freedom of expression, which can then be diffused to wider circles in order to generate independent, updated and systematic information on such issues within targeted regions. OBJECTIVE To provide training to 130 Chilean media professionals on the monitoring and follow-up of issues relating to freedom of expression and the application of laws on accessing information; and to create a project-specific website encouraging cooperation among stakeholders.

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Freedom of Expression Program of the Instituto de la Comunicaci├│n e Imagen, Universidad de Chile
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The Freedom of Expression Program within the School of Journalism at the Universidad de Chile was created in 1999 with the financial support of the Ford Foundation. Its objectives include promoting research, teaching and advocacy on topics related to freedom of expression in Chile.

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Gloria Alberti,;

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Claudia Lagos Lira, Programme Coordinator at ICEI,;

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Santiago de Chile and Temuco