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Assistance to National News Agency of Madagascar (ANTA)

Year when project approved: 

ANTA, the Malagasy National News Agency, had virtually come to a stop when the project was presented to IPDC. The assistance sought was to assist ANTA to resume its activities; achieve its financial independence by developing new ICT services and to enable its network to provide national and international coverage.

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Follow-up and achievments
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IPDC approved this project with funding amounting to US$ 45,000. Due to the delays in opening the allotment for this project, the Malagasy Government had initially requested the RCA to study alternative possible sources of funding for this project, which was later sorted out after the allotment. Furthermore, the UNESCO Communication Adviser in East Africa sent a specialist to assist in the configuration and the rationalisation of ANTA's equipment and network to accommodate reduced funds approved by IPDC. Six correspondents offices and ANTA's HQ benefited from the introduction of new information and communication technologies. The project equipment was purchased and installed and ANTA has resumed public service activities complemented by Internet and on-line services.

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