Women Make the News 2012: Rural women's access to media and information - Your contribution

UNESCO together with its partners are inviting media organizations, professional associations, journalists’ unions, women and men working in the media and civil society to use this survey to share your thoughts on the 2012 WMN theme. Do you have internal policies that address this topic? What interesting programmes have you developed whether it is on radio, television, newspaper, online which are led by media house or NGO? What were some of your challenges? How did you involve rural women and men? What are some of the creative ways you have mainstream gender issues? Through these and other questions, share your, experience, good practices and recommendations in promoting rural women’s access to media and information. Kindly submit your contribution to us by 30 April 2012.

Your contribution will add to knowledge exchange on actions to address issues surrounding rural women’s access to media and information. Based on their relevance, stories shared will be featured on the ‘Women Make the News 2012” web page.